Andrew Baggarly is a multi-platform journalist and author who has covered Major League Baseball for the past 18 years, including the last 11 seasons on the San Francisco Giants beat for the Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area and KNBR-AM 680.  Prior to that, he covered the Dodgers and Angels beats for newspapers in Southern California. He has covered a four-home run game, a perfect game, four no-hitters and multiple World Series and All-Star Games. He is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, a Hall of Fame voter, served as an official scorer for the 2007 All-Star Game at AT&T Park and wrote the bestselling “A Band of Misfits” about the Giants’ 2010 World Series championship season. Baggarly, 39, was born in Naperville, Ill., and graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

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  1. Hello Andrew!

    First, gotta admit I am bummed that you will no longer be demonstrating your exceptional skills as a member of the CSNBA Giants staff. As a life-long (thus far!) Giants fan you were easily in my Top Ten of Giants media folks…and for me that goes back to the mid-1960’s. Well, best of luck with the completion of your book. After that, do you move to Hawaii and hang out with Lon?!

    Second, I caught your interview on KNBR yesterday…hope to hear more good quality views from you on the Giants (and baseball, generally & specifically) on 680 in the upcoming season.

    So, you are heading to Cooperstown for the first time, hooray! Here are 3 things that you should be sure to check out:

    In the Babe Ruth section, take a gander at the bat he used in Spring Training! Maybe Mike Morse could get around with that piece of lumber, but not many others.

    The evolution of baseball gear display is wonderful. I still marvel at the low-tech gloves that so many of the very best players used in the past. Just one example…Joe Morgan’s glove is about the size of a salad plate!

    Last, but not least (and I hope it is still on display), get a good, close look at Number 24’s glove from the ’54 Series and just…soak…it…all…in!

    Best Wishes,

    Rod Moseanko
    Davis, CA


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