Roster moves

The baseball offseason is a time for roster shuffling and reevaluation. So with the winter meetings about to start up, I’d like to pass along a little personnel update of my own.

This past season was my last as the Giants Insider at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

I’m excited to tell you that I’m busy writing a new book about the Giants’ amazing run these past few years while considering new directions and looking forward to other opportunities that might come my way. I’m particularly enthused about dusting off the old “Extra Baggs” blog, now hosted here, and return to the kind of news coverage and freeform analysis Giants fans grew to expect from me long before I stepped in front of the cameras. Trust me, I still have a lot of opinions – and plenty of one-liners – and I’ll keep sharing them with you in one form or another.

I’ll also continue to update my Twitter account (soon to be seamlessly transitioned to a different handle) with Giants news. And you’ll probably hear me on KNBR from time to time. But mostly I will be writing, writing, writing in an aim to have a new Giants book on store shelves by opening day.

I leave my friends at CSN on good terms and grateful for the experience these past three years. CSN provided me with a valuable opportunity to expand my skills as a multi-platform reporter, partner with talented and driven professionals, and introduce myself to a whole new segment of the Giants fan base. After peeking behind the curtain, I have a far deeper appreciation for how much hard work and dedication it takes from so many people to put together such polished broadcasts, shows and specials. Most important, despite their financial relationship with the Giants, nobody at CSN ever censored me or told me what I could or couldn’t write. And when I needed my bosses to stand behind a controversial story, they did. Every single time.

But with a tip of the cap, it was time to move on, and I wish them well.

Yes, even Ratto.

Please allow me to express my gratitude to every passionate, enthusiastic baseball fan who stopped to say hello, offered a word of encouragement or came to a book signing the past few years. Even if I’ve often been out of breath to get to the next TV hit or file the next news story, please know that every one of these interactions has been meaningful and invigorating to me.

Certainly, I look forward to many more.

29 thoughts on “Roster moves

  1. I’ve wondered where you have been! The Sergio Romo/ Shawon Dunston shouting match was the last story I recall you being involved in. If the Giants rumor of boycotting you after that; leaves a bad taste in my mouth towards THEM. That’s a problem with me when a media/ news organization is partially owned by newsmakers . I only hope this is your decision ONLY. I can’t imagine anyone replacing you.
    Thanks for your hard work.


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    • Agreed.
      I was embarrassed to be a Giants fan when that happened. Fans don’t need to know everything that goes on in a clubhouse. But, when it’s open, a reporter should report what he sees/hears. So, shunning Baggs for doing his job was BS and bush league by the Giants players. For example, not reporting and investigating during the steroid era is a blot on sportswriters that shows them as hypocrites for not voting into the HOF the PEDsters that they knew or suspected in that era, but reported nothing and didn’t investigate further for fear of losing access. Baggs reported the Melky thing early, got hosed for it, then proved right…

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  2. Pretty cool new step in life Baggs. My buddy and I were just chatting a couple days ago about how the CSN Giants coverage was lifeless while you were on vacation. Turns out you weren’t on vacation! Best of luck, and looking forward to the new book.


  3. Twitter is kind of becoming a global newspaper now. Soon we won’t need sfgate, SJ Mercury News, NY Times, etc. I wonder if all sportswriters will just work on their own.


  4. Good luck in your new ventures.
    Looking forward to the new book.
    I’m sorry to say that I felt your writing was lost on the CSNBA site, i.e., it wasn’t featured as much as it should have been, and was when you were at the Merc. You used to get tons of comments on your blog there, and obviously that was down at the CSNBA site. It’s a very jumbled, mixed up site IMO. With TV and writing experience now, I hope you find something appropriate for that mix, and continue to do it with some connection to the Giants.,,


  5. Thanks for the great work Baggs and we will miss you dearly. You were the thinking man’s sportswriter, turning out some of the best deadline writing of any kind you’ll see on the internet with clear descriptions enlivened with brilliant metaphors and allusions. You write at such a higher level than most beat writers it’s almost a joke, like you’re on leave from the New Yorker, except it was never elitist, just sophisticated. The writers version of Jon Miller. I have been great friends with your former colleague Rael Enteen since we were both high school sports writers. You would have been our role model back then and your work should be used as a model for young beat writers as they learn their craft. Best of luck in the future!

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  6. Baggs, you will be missed. I truly enjoyed your insights and reporting. You made me think, and occasionally get out the dictionary.

    Looking forward to your next book, the first one was an insightful and fun read.


  7. Andrew, I’m severely bummed you won’t be traveling w/the Club on a daily basis but I’m happy for you if this is what you want to do. I’ve always appreciated your dogged determination to get the story & share it w/us. You have always been a pro in what you do. I look forward to your future work & I will MOST DEFINITELY be getting your new book. I hope someday to meet you and shake your hand. See you around.


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  9. Excited to see the future with you! I’ve appreciated your writing for years now, so I’m interested to see where this goes! Hope you still do Chats!


  10. Andrew,
    Your insights, stories and humor will be missed. I have been curious as to the lack of postings. I had hoped it was merely a well deserved break from a long baseball season. Just really appreciated your integrity and reporting skills. This has been the “golden era” of SF Giants baseball, and I am glad you were here to report it.


  11. Baggs,

    I’m glad I found your new blog. CSN Bay Area hasn’t taken down your old page on their site nor have they explained why it hasn’t been updated in around two months. Very strange. And I was really beginning to wonder what was going on!

    I just pre-ordered your new book, “Giant Splash: Bondsian Blasts, World Series Parades, and Other Thrilling Moments by the Bay” from Can’t wait to read it ! 🙂


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  13. I and like many other Giants fans that read your work on csnbayarea will miss you. I I joyed watching you on Giants pregame live with Greg Papa. We are all going to miss you Baggs. Could not believe it when I read you weren’t coming back to CSNBayarea. Alex has got some big shoes to fill as Giants Insider.


  14. Baggs,

    Sorry to hear that you you are moving on. Good Luck … And keep on givin us your “take” on the Giants.
    Your work is very much appreciated. Hopefully we still see you around the ballpark. Thanks


  15. You haven’t written much here. I imagine you initially were busy with your new book. Now, that I see Amazon is selling it, I don’t understand your lack of contributing here. I am saying to myself, you really don’t care about connecting with the many who want to hear from you.

    That’s my story. I could be wrong.


    • I love how you automatically assume the worst. Did you see that Baggarly got a job with the San Jose Mercury? Did you read his second post, here, where he said that he is trying to find out if what he writes on their blog can also be automatically posted here? Things change. Maybe he originally intended to write more here. Who knows. But Baggs has a paying job and that probably takes prescedence over posting here for free. I for one am glad he’s still around, covering the Giants, and won’t make any assumptions about his motivations for not posting more on this blog.


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