Roster moves

The baseball offseason is a time for roster shuffling and reevaluation. So with the winter meetings about to start up, I’d like to pass along a little personnel update of my own.

This past season was my last as the Giants Insider at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

I’m excited to tell you that I’m busy writing a new book about the Giants’ amazing run these past few years while considering new directions and looking forward to other opportunities that might come my way. I’m particularly enthused about dusting off the old “Extra Baggs” blog, now hosted here, and return to the kind of news coverage and freeform analysis Giants fans grew to expect from me long before I stepped in front of the cameras. Trust me, I still have a lot of opinions – and plenty of one-liners – and I’ll keep sharing them with you in one form or another.

I’ll also continue to update my Twitter account (soon to be seamlessly transitioned to a different handle) with Giants news. And you’ll probably hear me on KNBR from time to time. But mostly I will be writing, writing, writing in an aim to have a new Giants book on store shelves by opening day.

I leave my friends at CSN on good terms and grateful for the experience these past three years. CSN provided me with a valuable opportunity to expand my skills as a multi-platform reporter, partner with talented and driven professionals, and introduce myself to a whole new segment of the Giants fan base. After peeking behind the curtain, I have a far deeper appreciation for how much hard work and dedication it takes from so many people to put together such polished broadcasts, shows and specials. Most important, despite their financial relationship with the Giants, nobody at CSN ever censored me or told me what I could or couldn’t write. And when I needed my bosses to stand behind a controversial story, they did. Every single time.

But with a tip of the cap, it was time to move on, and I wish them well.

Yes, even Ratto.

Please allow me to express my gratitude to every passionate, enthusiastic baseball fan who stopped to say hello, offered a word of encouragement or came to a book signing the past few years. Even if I’ve often been out of breath to get to the next TV hit or file the next news story, please know that every one of these interactions has been meaningful and invigorating to me.

Certainly, I look forward to many more.